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Choose the Right Lubricant & Cartridge Size for Your Application & Pump

While we sell products for valve maintenance, at Mid-Atlantic, Inc., we want to educate you more about valve maintenance products. When it comes to valve maintenance, selecting the appropriate lubricant and cartridge size is crucial for optimal performance. Understanding the differences between various valve maintenance products is the first step in making the right choice. If your questions are not answered below, feel free to call Mid-Atlantic, Inc. today at (724) 220-5415 or contact us online.

Types of Valve Maintenance Products:

Valve Lubricants: These products serve as pure lubricants without micronized PTFE. They are the ideal starting point for valve lubrication and are usually sufficient for long-term valve maintenance. Examples of Lubricant Only products include Equa-Lube 80 and D-1014 without PTFE.
Lubricant+Sealant Products: Lubricant+Sealant products combine lubricants with micronized PTFE. They create a 100 percent seal in valves with minor scratches or defects on the sealing surfaces. Summit #7030, Total Lube #911, and D-1014 with PTFE fall under this category. These products can be used in various temperature ranges and seasons. They can also be left in the valve like regular lubricants. Consider using a progressive system, starting with lubricants and stepping up to Lubricant+Sealant products if needed.
Sealant Only Products: Sealant only products are used downstream of valves when lubricant+sealant products are insufficient. They contain heavier amounts of PTFE and are designed to seal against more aggressive defects. It is important to note that Sealant Only products are temporary solutions. It must be flushed out using Sealweld Valve Cleaner Plus after completing downstream work. Winter Seal #2525 and Valve Sealant #5050 are examples of Sealant Only products. Valve Sealant #5050 is also offered in Xtra-Heavy, XX-Heavy, XXX-Heavy, and XXXX-Heavy grades. These are only to be used to seal extreme leaks, in emergency situations, and by qualified technicians only.

Choosing the Correct Cartridge Size:

Selecting the right cartridge size is essential to ensure compatibility with your pump. Here are the common cartridge sizes offered by Sealweld:
HGC Cartridges: These cartridges typically range from 9 ounces to 11 ounces (varies based on product density) and commonly used in Hydraulic Hand pumps. They can also be used in other pumps that accommodate larger cartridges. HGC cartridges are sold in cases of 16.
SGC Cartridges: SGC cartridges are typically 15 ounces to 16 ounces in size and commonly used in Screw Prime Supergun pumps and battery-operated Black Widow pumps. They are sold in cases of 12.
Note: Both HGC and SGC cartridges have the same plastic cartridge size, but the amount of lubricant inside differs. Both cartridges are suitable for Black Widow pumps, although HGC will need more frequent replacements.
10lb. Pails: These pails, weighing 10 pounds (or 9 pounds Valve Cleaner Plus), are used in Sealweld Activ8 pumps. They are approximately the size of a 1-gallon paint can. Take care to store them in a location where they won’t be damaged or dented, as dents can affect the sealing O-Ring. Sealweld 10lb. pails are compatible with various injection equipment brands. Other sizes, such as 40-pound pails, 120-pound drums, ‘J’ Sticks, and ‘B’ Sticks, are also available in the industry. If you have any questions about which size to use in your pump, feel free to call us at (724) 220-5415 for assistance.
Remember, choosing the right lubricant type and cartridge size ensures effective valve maintenance, prolongs valve life, and enhances overall performance.

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