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Mid-Atlantic, Inc. provides Sealweld lubricants and sealants for Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding region. With over 40 years of industry experience, Mid-Atlantic, Inc. is your source for maintenance products and more. We can ship any of our products throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Western New York, New Jersey, Eastern Kentucky, Maryland, and Michigan. You can use Sealweld lubricants and sealants for many things, including:
  • Routine valve maintenance
  • Cold climates
  • LPG and NGL service
  • High-temperature service
  • Emergency valve sealants
  • …and more.
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Sealweld Synthetic Sealant
for Sale Near Pittsburgh, PA

If you are looking for a high-quality sealant near Pittsburgh, PA, we have the solution for you. Nothing is the same as Sealweld’s synthetic valve sealants. Sealweld’s synthetic sealants are designed to provide a reliable, temporary seal even in severely leaking valves. High-quality sealants form a seal between the sealing surfaces of the valve even under pressure. At Mid-Atlantic, Inc., we are proud to provide you the best sealants in the natural gas industry. Mid-Atlantic, Inc. offers the following Sealweld products for routine valve maintenance:
Sealweld recommends Equa-Lube Eighty for use in new valves, wellhead valves, at refineries, pump and compressor stations, and in gas distribution systems.
Use Sealweld Equa-Lube Eighty to provide an insoluble film of lubricant. This product protects critical seal faces and reduces torque requirements. Injecting Sealweld Equa-Lube Eighty immediately after the hydrostatic test at the valve factory or repair facility can extend valve service life. This injection purges all test water from the seat pockets which are common places where corrosion occurs. Sealweld Equa-Lube Eighty protects against damage from pipeline contaminants. These include such things as dirt, sand, line scale and welding slag at start-up. This quality product is insoluble in water, crude oil, natural gas, condensate and related by-products.

Summit #7030

Summit #7030 is insoluble in water and recommended as ideal for use in oil, natural gas and related by-products. Use it when servicing ball, gate, plug, blow down, pig launcher/receiver valves in refineries, wellheads, pump, or compressor stations. Also use it with gas distribution systems.
Sealweld Summit #7030 is a premium valve lubricant designed for use in a wide variety of applications. It contains a specialty blend of synthetic oils, low-temperature additives, and micronized PTFE particles. The blend makes this product ideal for frequently operated and worn valves with minor seat leakage. Summit #7030 is tacky, yet pliable, making it resistant to washout in year-round service. Ideal for use on valves ranging from ambient conditions to cold liquefied gasses.

Valve Cleaner Plus

Sealweld Valve Cleaner Plus is a non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, and non-ozone depleting product. Sealweld recommends it for use in ball, gate or plug valves and orifice fittings. Ideal for refineries, wellheads, pump or compressor stations, and in gas distribution systems.
While it is not a sealant, Valve Cleaner Plus is a combination of solvent and semi-synthetic lubrication oils. Inject it directly into the seat sealant system to clean important seal faces and sealant passages. If permitted, cycle the valve to ensure complete coverage.
Allow the valve cleaner to soften old sealants and remove residual build-up from seal points. Problem valves, such as those with severe or persistent leakage, may require more wait time. Achieve best results by displacing the valve cleaner with equal quantities of lubricant/sealant after cleaning.
Sealweld recommends Total-Lube #911 for use in ball, gate, and plug valves as well as orifice fittings. Suitable for sour service valves. Use at refineries, wellheads, pump or compressor stations and in gas distribution systems.
For an insoluble film of lubricant, use Sealweld Total-Lube #911 to protect seal faces and reduce torque requirements. Microscopic particles of PTFE seal minor scratches to sealing surfaces and shallow corrosion pits. Use Total-Lube #911 to seal scratches up to 0.010\” and nicks and cuts on soft seats. Sealweld designs this specifically as an all-purpose seat lubricant/ sealant. It serves to extend the maintenance interval in severe service and critical service valves. Sealweld Total-Lube #911 is insoluble in water, oil, natural gas and related by-products.

Ball Valve Sealant #5050

Ball Valve Sealant #5050 comes in a wide range of extra heavy grades with increasing amounts of PTFE. Designed for use by qualified technicians ONLY. Contact us for consultation prior to application of these products.
Sealweld Ball Valve Sealant #5050 provides an insoluble film of lubricant to protect seal faces and reduce torque requirements. Its specially processed particles of PTFE will seal scratches to sealing surfaces up to 0.030″. It does not harden or plug off conventional giant buttonhead sealant injection fittings. Ball Valve #5050 is ideal for use in natural gas, water, oil, and related by-products.
  • Process for best results:
  • First inject Sealweld Valve Cleaner Plus, then
  • Leave in the valve for 30 – 40 minutes (up to 8 hours for problem valves).
  • Purge the system with Sealweld Total-Lube #911.
  • Inject Ball Valve Sealant #5050 (if Total-Lube #911 fails to hold a reliable seal).
Ball Valve Sealant #5050 is also available in heavier grades for severely leaking valves and emergency valve sealing conditions. Use in ball, gate and plug valves, orifice fittings, valve stems and seat seals with minor to severe leakage problems. Ideal for refineries, wellheads, pump or compressor stations and in gas distribution systems. Suitable for crude oil, sour gas, CO2, water/ brine solutions, and refined petroleum product pipelines.

High-Quality Valve Lubricant to Ensure Maintenance Efficiency

Sealweld’s synthetic valve lubricant is designed to remain soft and pliable in use. They are meant to achieve the longest possible in-service maintenance cycle. They do not break-down or go hard over time. Valve lubricant is necessary to keep surface-to-surface friction in the moving parts of the valve at a minimum. Failure to lubricate a valve may lead to decreased performance and even a total breakdown of the whole system.
Without a lubricant, the surfaces wear out very fast. Lubricants prevent oxidation or corrosion. For high-quality valve lubricant, call Mid-Atlantic, Inc. We serve Pittsburgh, PA and the mid-Atlantic region with quality products.

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