Fittings and Replacement Parts for Pittsburgh, PA, and the Region

Mid-Atlantic, Inc. is Your Source for Fittings and Replacement Parts

Mid-Atlantic, Inc. distributes fittings and replacement parts for Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding areas. Located in Scottdale, PA, Mid-Atlantic, Inc. can source fittings and replacement parts for Western PA, West Virginia, and the surrounding region. We also can ship products to Ohio, Western New York, New Jersey, Eastern Kentucky, Maryland, and Michigan areas. It is important to keep your valve fittings, adapters, and more up-to-date. As valves and their fittings age, you can utilize sealants to extend their life. However, when it is time to fully replace your valve fittings or other valve parts, depend on Mid-Atlantic, Inc. Call (724) 220-5415 or contact us online for more information.

Valve Fittings and Adapter Distributor Near Pittsburgh, PA

Over time, you may notice your fittings or adapters may be starting to fail. Some manufacturers install cheap, and in some cases, dangerous fitting designs to sell less expensive valves to their consumers. When you are in need of quality fittings or replacement parts near Pittsburgh, PA, rely on Mid-Atlantic, Inc. We offer quality valve fittings and adapters from Sealweld that withstand the test of time. Some of our fittings and replacement parts include:
  • Sealant and Stem Fittings
  • Inner-Check Fittings
  • Body Vent/Drain Fittings
  • Combination Fittings
  • Body Grease/Sealant Fittings
  • Stem Fittings
  • McEvoy Style Fittings
  • …and more.
All of our fittings and replacement parts are made of quality materials, like stainless steel. This is effective for mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. You do not have to worry when you purchase fittings and replacement parts from Mid-Atlantic, Inc.

We Ship Fittings and Replacement Parts to Maryland, Ohio, and More

Mid-Atlantic, Inc. is proud to supply replacement parts, fittings, and more to regions throughout the United States. We can ship all of our products, including replacement parts, to Maryland, Ohio, and other surrounding states. We understand the industry does not just end in Pennsylvania. Mid-Atlantic, Inc. takes pride in supplying the best products with a personal touch.

Call Mid-Atlantic, Inc. for fittings and replacement parts for Pittsburgh, PA.