Solvents, Heaters, and More Near Charleston, WV, Serving the Region with Quality Products

Mid-Atlantic, Inc. Supplies a Variety of Maintenance Products

Are you looking for solvents, heaters, and more near Charleston, WV, and surrounding areas? Mid-Atlantic, Inc. is a regional supplier of maintenance products. Located in Scottdale, PA, we offer a variety of products used in all aspects of the industry. We can ship all of our products throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Western New York, New Jersey, Eastern Kentucky, and parts of Michigan. These products include, but are not limited to:
  • Sealweld Odyssey Cleaning Solvent
  • Sealweld Valve Stem Packing Products
  • Slick Sticks
  • Pack King #101
  • Steam Shield Sticks
  • Pack-It Particle Pak
  • Catalytic Heaters
  • Heater Enclosures
  • …and much more.
When you are looking for a specific part, we will work to find a manufacturer and source it for you. We only want to offer the best products and services to those in the industry. Mid-Atlantic, Inc. takes pride in offering some of the best equipment in the entire industry. To learn more about what we offer, call (724) 220-5415 or contact us online today.

A Variety of Sealweld Products Near Pittsburgh, PA

Sealweld products are among some of the best products in the industry. If you are looking for Sealweld products near Pittsburgh, PA, Mid-Atlantic, Inc. is your source. We offer a variety of Sealweld lubricants, sealants, and more. We also sell Sealweld tools and equipment, too. This includes:
  • Sealweld Custom Designed Professional High Pressure Pump Packages
  • Auscillater Portable Valve Flushing Cart
  • Sealweld Cyclone Tank Model APL06
  • Torque Multiplier Wrench
  • 7-Piece Socket Set for Plug Valves
  • …and more.
If you are in need of quality tools and equipment for your pipeline, call us today. We have the solutions you need that will last for years to come.

Thermon and Cata-Dyne Products and More Near Charleston, WV

Mid-Atlantic, Inc. also distributes Thermon and Cata-Dyne products. Thermon is known for its catalytic heaters and more. Cata-Dyne Explosion-Proof Catalytic Heaters are the industry standard for space or spot heating applications in hazardous environments. This includes comfort heating for industrial buildings, freeze protection for equipment and components, and drying or curing processes. Cata-Dyne Enclosure Gas Catalytic Heaters prevent freezing of wet gas. They aid in the freeze protection for gas, regulators, valves, and metering equipment. You can also use enclosure heaters for housing batteries, radio controls, and other moisture-sensitive equipment. If you are in the market for catalytic heaters, near Charleston, WV, contact Mid-Atlantic, Inc. today.

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