Equipment Services for Pittsburgh, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Mid-Atlantic, Inc. Offers Emergency Valve Sealing and More

Mid-Atlantic, Inc. offers a wide variety of equipment services to Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding areas. Located in Scottdale, PA, Mid-Atlantic, Inc. also offers a wide variety of products for the industry. We offer education and information on:
  • Emergency Valve Sealing Services
  • In-Line and Under Pressure Troubleshooting
  • Valve and Actuator Repairs
  • Consultations
  • Valve Commissioning
  • Wellhead Valve Servicing
  • …and more.
Mid-Atlantic, Inc. offers education to customers on routine valve maintenance. This can include equipment repairs on injection pumps, valves, and much more provided in-office or on-location at your site. Education and consultant services focus on valve commissioning and other servicing mentioned above. We can offer emergency valve sealing as part of our distributor services. Call us today at (724) 220-5415 or contact us online today.

Valve Maintenance Training Provider Near Pittsburgh, PA

At Mid-Atlantic, Inc., we understand how hectic it can be to onboard new employees to your team. Between paperwork, training, and introductions, it can really put a damper on your production. Let us handle your valve maintenance training. All are welcome to our valve maintenance training; no matter if you have been in the industry for years or if you are a new hire.
Anyone can take away something good from our valve maintenance training. Located near Pittsburgh, PA, the staff of Mid-Atlantic, Inc. can conduct trainings on-site or in-office. We will use and introduce you to some of the best products and equipment you can find in the industry. Contact us today to schedule your next training.

Emergency Valve Sealing Services by Mid-Atlantic, Inc.

When you need local emergency valve sealing, call Mid-Atlantic, Inc. We are available 24/7 for when emergencies arise. Using only the best products from Sealweld, in most cases we are able to seal your valve quickly and efficiently. Sealweld products allow us to inject cleaner and sealant while the valve is in-line and under pressure. These quality products set our emergency sealing services apart from the rest. Call us today for emergency services.

Injection Pump Repairs, Pump Rebuilds, and More Near Pittsburgh, PA

When your injection pump is not working, you may think a brand-new injection pump will be in your future. With Mid-Atlantic, Inc. near Pittsburgh, that is not the case. While we do offer new injection pumps for sale, we also offer injection pump repairs. We also complete injection pump rebuilds, too. If you have an injection pump that is not working, bring it to us at Mid-Atlantic, Inc. We can repair and rebuild pumps of any brand.

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