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Are you looking for sealant injection equipment for Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas? Mid-Atlantic, Inc., located in Scottdale, PA, provides Western PA with the best quality injection equipment in the industry. We can also ship products to West Virginia, Ohio, Western New York, New Jersey, Eastern Kentucky, Maryland, and Michigan. We offer injection equipment brands like Sealweld, a well-trusted company within the industry.
For trusted, high-quality sealant injection equipment, you can trust Mid-Atlantic, Inc. We offer free estimates on all products and services. We are also available 24/7 for emergencies, too. Call us today for more information at (724) 220-5415 or contact us online.

Sealweld Quality Injection Equipment from Mid-Atlantic, Inc.

Mid-Atlantic, Inc. offers the following Sealweld® injection equipment:

Sealweld ACTIV-8

Sealweld ACTIV-8® is the favorite pump of professional valve technicians. The ACTIV-8® can draw product directly from a ten-pound can and can run on compressed air, bottled air, or natural gas in an emergency.
Some additional features of the Sealweld ACITIV-8 pump:
  • Air/hydraulic motor, powered by compressed air, bottled air, or natural gas
  • Built-in air filter/lubricator system
  • Complete with ten-foot sealant hose, swivels and coupler; 15,000 PSI gauge and guard is also standard equipment; longer hoses available on request
  • Controls the quantity of lubricant/sealant being injected; prevents over-lubrication
  • Delivers lubricant/sealant at up to one pound every 70 seconds
  • Each pump comes complete with an owner’s manual and an eight-minute DVD describing safe operating procedures
  • Generates up to 10,000 PSI injection pressure when required
  • High speed action cuts valve maintenance time by up to 75% on large diameter valves and at facilities with many valves
  • High-speed action and ten-pound (five-quart) capacity makes this pump ideal for pipelines and large plants
  • Patented ACTIV-8® delivers valve cleaners, lubricants and sealants faster than any other pump on two wheels
  • Rugged steel frame and pneumatic tires make this pump ideal for field and plant work
  • Simple design makes field repairs quick and easy

SuperGun Screw-Primed Pump

Sealweld designs the SuperGun® Pump to withstand the rigors of field use. They test every pump prior to shipment. It is durable and easy to carry. Its faster pumping action makes it the valve technician’s favorite hand-held, high-pressure sealant injection pump. Ideal for topping-up procedures only requiring small quantities of lubricant.
The Sealweld SuperGun® Pump has an extra-long lever handle to make high-pressure injection easy. It is lightweight and very portable. The screw-primed design indicates how much product remains in the barrel and the high-pressure check valve system prevents dangerous “kicks.”

Hydraulic Hand-Held Pump

Sealweld’s Hydraulic Hand-Held Pump has a locking handle to prevent piston damage. It is lightweight and very portable. The compact size makes it easy to keep one in your general toolbox or behind the seat of your pickup for quick top-ups and emergency sealing jobs between regular maintenance intervals.
The Sealweld Hydraulic Hand-Held Pump ships with an 18-inch-long hose, buttonhead coupler, and high-pressure gauge. It is ready for loading and field use right out of the box. Perfect for pumping small quantities of valve cleaner, lubricant, or sealant. No toolbox is complete without one.
Get your quality Sealweld injection pump products from Mid-Atlantic, Inc., the region’s distributor of quality injection equipment.

Quality Sealant Injection Pumps for Sale Near Charleston, WV

Are you looking for quality sealant injection pumps near Charleston, WV? Throughout the region Mid-Atlantic Inc. sources only the best injection pumps, tools, and equipment. You can use sealant injection pumps to safely inject viscous sealants into valves operating under pressure. When using an injection pump, it is important to use a high-pressure gauge and understand how to read it. We offer injection pumps from both Sealweld and CSN Solutions. Our CSN Solutions inventory includes, but is not limited to:
  • Black Widow
  • Part #100-16G
  • Part #100-16G-D (Heavy Duty Dolly)
  • Part #100-5G
  • Part #100-5G-D (Heavy Duty Dolly)
If you or your team are unsure on how to do valve maintenance, Mid-Atlantic Inc. provides on-site or in-office training. If you are looking for easy field repair, quick sealant delivery and extremely high injection pressure, consider an injection pump from Mid-Atlantic Inc. today.

Local Injection Equipment Repair
by Mid-Atlantic, Inc. Near Pittsburgh

If you are in need of injection equipment repair, do not fret. Mid-Atlantic, Inc. near Pittsburgh, PA, is available locally for all of your injection equipment repair and service needs. We can provide repairs to equipment, including pump repairs and pump rebuild services.
We can rebuild all brands of injection pumps. Our team has over 40 years of experience in the industry to provide you with quality repairs. Call us today to schedule injection equipment repair services.

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