gate valves vs. ball valves

Gate Valves vs. Ball Valves

Do You Know the Difference Between Gate Valves and Ball Valves?

For the first edition of our gate valves vs. ball valves series, let’s explore both of these valves. Valves play a crucial role in gas lines in Scottdale, PA and surrounding areas. They control the flow of the gas by allowing it to start and stop. Ball valves and gate valves function similarly; however, the structural characteristics are different. This month, specialists from Mid-Atlantic Inc will explain gate valves vs. ball valves.


Gate Valves Play a Crucial Role in Gas Systems in Scottdale, PA

These linear-motion isolation valves can stop or allow flow on your Scottdale, PA, gas supply. The name “gate valve” comes from the closure part acting as a gate. These valves isolate specific parts of the gas supply network for maintenance, repair, and installation. Gate valves are less complex to construct than other large-size valves. Gate valves are more cost-effective for applications that do not require frequent operation.


Learn How Ball Valves Work in Your System

Ball valves use a rotatable ball to control the flow of gases within your system. They regulate the flow by entirely or partially blocking the direction of travel. Because of their stronger seal, ball valves are the better choice for gas usage. These valves have a higher resistance to contaminated media than other ones. When the medium is unclean, these valves ensure a good seal.


The Two Valve Types Have Different Applications

Scottdale, PA, customers use ball valves and gate valves in industrial and residential applications. However, each of them have differences in their usage, including:

  • Ball valves work best in applications requiring rapid opening and closing, while gate valves take longer to operate.
  • Gate valves operate well in extensive systems, whereas ball valves do well in systems with frequent shutoffs.
  • Ball valves come in handy in fire suppression and marine applications.
  • Gate valves get the job done in high-temperature settings such as power plants, mining, and water treatment.


Mid-Atlantic Inc Helps Scottdale, PA, Find the Right Valves

Our experts at Mid-Atlantic Inc pride themselves on helping Scottdale, PA, and beyond find suitable valves. Our specialists will explain every detail of all the valves to you, and help you make the right decision. Are you interested in learning more about gate valves? If so, check out the next edition of Mid-Atlantic Inc’s gate valves vs. ball valves series.


For more information on gate valves vs. ball valves, give Mid-Atlantic Inc a call at (724) 220-5415. Our technicians are happy to educate Scottdale, PA, and beyond about gate valves vs. ball valves.