Learn the Advantages and Disadvantages of Gate Valves

Gate Valves Present Advantages and Disadvantages to Scottdale, PA

For the next part of our gate valve vs. ball valve series, let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of gate valves. These valves come from many manufacturers in and around Scottdale, PA. As mentioned in our first edition, gate valves can stop or allow flow throughout your gas pipeline system. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using this particular type of valve. This month, Mid-Atlantic Inc. will explain the advantages and disadvantages of gate valves.


Mid-Atlantic Inc Knows the Advantages of Gate Valves

The technicians at Mid-Atlantic Inc understand the ins and outs of gate valves. Here are some of their advantages:

Bi-Directional: Gate valves allow air or gas to flow in both directions. As a result, these valves work best in pipelines with varying flow directions.

Low Fluid Resistance: The straight-through design of these valves doesn’t change the direction of the flow.

Superior Sealing Performance: Gate valves give a better seal than shut-off valves for Scottdale, PA, applications.

Wide Range of Applications: With their superior adaptability, Scottdale, PA, can utilize these valves in various ways.


Scottdale, PA, Residents Should Know the Disadvantages of Gate Valves

With the significant advantages that gate valves present, they also have some disadvantages for Scottdale, PA, residents. Here are some of the disadvantages that they present:

Slow Opening and Closing: The elevated gate valve rises to the chamber when it opens and falls into the seat when it closes.

Prone to Scratches: Valves can create excessive friction during the opening and closing cases. This scenario can result in scratches on the sealing surface. The damage may be insignificant at first, but can eventually impact the service life and sealing performance.


Mid-Atlantic Inc Offers Gate Valves for Your Application

If you are shopping for gate valves, visit Mid-Atlantic Inc. Our specialists will show you everything there is to know about these valves and more. Be on the lookout for the next edition of our gate valves vs. ball valves series. This edition will feature some valuable information about ball valves.


For more information, contact Mid-Atlantic Inc today at (724) 220-5145 to speak with one of our technicians. Mid-Atlantic Inc takes great pride in educating Scottdale, PA, customers about the advantages and disadvantages of gate valves.