Advantages and Disadvantages of Ball Valves

Mid-Atlantic Inc Understands How Ball Valves Work in Applications

The final installment of the gate valves vs. ball valves series discusses the advantages and disadvantages of ball valves. As in our previous blog, these valves come from different manufacturers in and around Scottdale, PA. In addition, these valves also present advantages and disadvantages to your application. Let’s dive into some of the advantages and disadvantages of ball valves.


Scottdale, PA, and Beyond Appreciate the Advantages of These Valves

Residents in and around Scottdale, PA, come to us for these valves. Mid-Atlantic Inc knows the advantages that they present, including:

Efficient Sealing: Ball valve’s premium sealing performance allows for no leakage among other valves.

Strong: These valves can withstand up to 700 bar of high pressure and up to 350 degrees Celsius.

Easy to Use: Ball valves have a simple setup available in flange, welding, threaded, double union, tri-clamp, and wafer-thin types.

Easy Repair: Proper routine maintenance can extend the valve’s lifespan in Scottdale, PA.

Affordability: Ball valves are a cost-effective solution for any desired application in Scottdale, PA.

Multi-Function: These valves come in two-way and three-way to divert, conflux, and transfer, the medium.


It’s Important to Learn the Disadvantages of Ball Valves

However, despite the advantages, the use of ball valves can also present some disadvantages. These include:

Wear and Tear: The valve and ball will wear down if suspended particles are present in the medium. In this situation for example, the valve can eventually get stuck. Sealweld lubricants used to fill the cavity around the ball of the valve will prevent particles and debris from damaging the balls or seals.

Limited Size Variety: Larger diameter valves carry a higher price due to their fabrication and customization.


Mid-Atlantic Inc Supplies High-Quality Ball Valves for Clients

The technicians at Mid-Atlantic Inc are proud to provide Scottdale, PA, and surrounding areas with ball valves. When you come to us, our technicians will explain all the ins and outs of these valves to you specifically. In conclusion, give Mid-Atlantic Inc a call today during regular business hours to see how we can help you.


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