Learn More About In-Line Strainers

Strainers Filter Debris and Contaminants from Entering Equipment

At this time, Mid-Atlantic Inc invites you to learn more about in-line strainers. This is the first edition of our series, where we will dive into “T” and “Gasket” strainers. Without a doubt, in-line strainers play an essential role in helping gas systems operate efficiently throughout the region. They can help filter debris and contaminants to prevent them from entering regulators or metering equipment. Mid-Atlantic Inc offers three main types of in-line strainers: T-Type strainers, Flanged “T” Strainers, and Gasket Strainers. We hope you’ll enjoy our series of blogs to learn more about in-line strainer types.


T-Type Strainers Play a Crucial Role for Your System in Scottdale, PA

T-Type strainers work as fixed strainers in large bore lines of two inches and above. Their primary purpose is to extract foreign contaminants from the pipeline. In addition, T-type strainers are a low-cost option for bore straining specifications. Technicians can install these strainers vertically or horizontally on Scottdale, PA, systems. According to NTGDvalve.com, T-type strainers indeed have many benefits to pipeline applications.


Learn How Flanged “T” Strainers Can Benefit Your Applications

Next, flanged “T” strainers act as the last line of defense in applications. These protect downstream equipment from dangerous line debris. These strainers are inexpensive, and are a highly-effective way to prevent damages and failures to downstream equipment. Visit our facility today to see what Flanged “T” strainers will work for you in Scottdale, PA.


Gasket Strainers Offer Many Benefits to Your System

Last but not least are gasket strainers. These easy-to-install strainers consist of 100 percent stainless steel, high-quality, and asbestos-free materials. Our facility supplies gasket strainers in full-face or ring style. Customers can use these strainers as a functional gasket within their applications. These strainers have screen mesh available in 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 protection. Mid-Atlantic Inc can help you find the right gasket strainers for your Scottdale, PA, system.


Visit Mid-Atlantic Inc in Scottdale, PA for In-Line Strainers

If you are searching for in-line strainers, visit Mid-Atlantic Inc in Scottdale, PA. Our technicians will work with you, and help you find suitable strainers for you. Mid-Atlantic Inc welcomes customers in Scottdale, PA, and surrounding areas. Check out the next edition of our in-line strainer series, where we will learn about threaded and flanged T strainers.


For more information, give Mid-Atlantic Inc a call at (724) 220-5415. Our technicians proudly serve clients in and around Scottdale, PA. We are happy to share knowledge so you can learn more about in-line strainers.