Threaded and Flanged “T” Strainers

Mid-Atlantic Inc Provides “T” Strainers to Scottdale, PA

For the next edition of our in-line strainers series, let’s dive into threaded and flanged “T” strainers. In our first edition, our experts discussed that in-line strainers play an essential role in operating efficiently in Scottdale, PA. These strainers come in threaded and flanged ends, providing different results for the flow. Read along to learn more about threaded and flanged “T” strainers.


Threaded “T” Strainers Provide Several Benefits

Threaded “T” strainers provide the last line of defense to protect downstream equipment. These strainers keep the equipment free from dangerous line debris, loose scale, weld beads, grit, and other foreign material. Threaded Strainers are a highly-effective and inexpensive way to prevent damage and failures to the system. IMAC systems explains the benefits to your system in and around Scottdale, PA.


Flanged “T” Strainers Have Particular Ends that Help Them Function

Flanged strainers have a specific end connection that helps the flow throughout your system in Scottdale, PA. These strainer’s “flanged” ends help the flow occur in different directions. In order to achieve proper flow, it’s essential to tighten flanged “T” strainers in a back-and-forth motion. Right-angled flow (in to out) has a stronger construction since it’s employed for higher pressure. Right-angled flow (out to in) requires internal reinforcement as pressure externally exerts due to flow direction.


Mid-Atlantic Inc Has Threaded and Flanged “T” Strainers

If you are searching the market for threaded and flanged “T” strainers in Scottdale, PA, visit Mid-Atlantic Inc. Our experts will explain how these strainers benefit your system. Mid-Atlantic Inc prides itself on helping customers find the right strainer for them. Since our inception, we have developed a solid reputation as the go-to source for threaded strainers and flanged strainers.

Visit us today to see how we can help you. Are you interested in learning more about gasket strainers? If so, be sure to check out the next edition of our in-line strainers series, where we’ll discuss gasket strainers and more.


To learn more, call Mid-Atlantic Inc at (724) 220-5415. Our experts take great pride in serving customers throughout Scottdale, PA, and beyond in the best way possible. Mid-Atlantic Inc is happy to educate clients about threaded and flanged “T” strainers.