Shut-off Valve, Gasket Strainers and more

Gasket Strainers and More

Mid-Atlantic Inc Provides Gasket Strainers and More for Scottdale, PA

At this time, in our final installment of our in-line strainers series, Mid-Atlantic Inc will explain gasket strainers and more. As mentioned in our first edition, in-line strainers play an essential role in efficient pipeline operations throughout Scottdale, PA. Last month, we took a closer look at threaded and flanged “T” strainers. Let’s review the many benefits these important parts provide to your pipeline system.


Gasket Strainers Consist of High-Quality Materials

Mid-Atlantic Inc supplies gasket strainers made of premium materials. These strainers, therefore, offer fantastic benefits for pipeline systems throughout the region. Here are a few examples of gasket strainer quad ring options:

Blue Guard Gasket Strainer

Blue-Guard 3000 wafer-style strainers also function as a stainless-steel gasket. These strainers offer a highly-effective way to protect gas meters, valves, pumps, or any other equipment. Its superior quality, functionality, and price make it a great addition to your system.

G10/G11 Quad Ring Gasket Strainer

Second, we take a look at G10/G11 quad ring gasket strainers. These gaskets contain a high-pressure fiberglass laminate. They range from ¾” up to 12″. Similar to the blue, the G10/G11 is in front of regulators, rotary meters, and valves. These gaskets come in type E or type F. 

Phenolic Quad Ring Gasket Strainer

Last but not least, phenolic quad ring gasket strainers cost less than the G10. These gaskets absorb moisture more quickly. They can also impact the insulating characteristics.


Call Our Technicians for Natural Gas Strainers

Finally, a few words about natural gas strainers. This particular strainer serves as a way to protect downstream equipment from pipeline debris. Some debris includes weld slag, dirt, PTFE, rust, scale, jointing compound, and other foreign matter. At Mid-Atlantic Inc, our equipment gets the job done for Scottdale, PA customers.

Our technicians know these parts inside and out, and can explain everything about them to you. Thanks for reading our in-line strainer series. Our technicians hope this information will help you in choosing the right parts for your pipeline project.


Call us at (724) 220-5415 to see how our various types of in-line strainers can benefit your system. Our technicians will help you find the right ones that fit your application. Mid-Atlantic Inc prides itself on educating Scottdale, PA, and surrounding areas about gasket strainers and more.