The Importance of Natural Gas Valve Maintenance

Natural Gas Valve Maintenance Can Save You Money

Do you know the importance of natural gas valve maintenance? Natural gas valve maintenance is very important for the functionality and efficiency of your valves. Performing regular preventive maintenance can extend the life of your valves. It will also help you avoid emergency situations, high costs, and disrupted operations.

In fact, according to Allied Valve Inc., having regularly scheduled valve maintenance can ensure good valve health. This maintenance can extend valve seal life and decrease seal leakage. This month, we are going to discuss the importance of natural gas valve maintenance and how our products can help.

Using High-Quality Products for Natural Gas Valve Maintenance

Here at Mid-Atlantic Inc., we only want to provide the best products for our customers. This is why we sell Sealweld Valve Maintenance lubricants and sealants. You can use these products to properly lubricate, seal, and maintenance your natural gas valves. Sealweld products are specifically designed for natural gas valve maintenance. They are insoluble in water, crude oil, natural gas, condensate, and related products.

We cannot stress enough how important this maintenance is. Without maintenance, you may run the risk of having to replace your valve entirely. You can avoid costly valve replacements with proper valve maintenance. Are you not sure where to begin in regards to natural gas valve maintenance? Mid-Atlantic Inc. is here to help. We have over 40 years of industry experience and can answer any questions you may have. We also offer hands-on training for proper valve maintenance procedures.

Avoid Costly Valve Replacements with Proper Valve Maintenance

In today’s gas industry, replacing a single gas valve can cost anywhere from a couple thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maintaining a valve costs just a small fraction of the cost of a new valve. Natural gas valve maintenance can also extend the life of a valve well over 20 or 30 years of service. With a malfunctioning or broken valve, it can also be costly in operations. An unexpected shutdown over a malfunctioning valve can result in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in interrupted operations. It’s also important to perform valve maintenance to avoid safety risks and hazardous conditions. When you consider how many valves are at a compressor station or on a pipeline, these costs can add up. Costs per valve can easily reach into the millions of dollars lost due to an unexpected valve failure.

Performing Valve Maintenance Correctly and Efficiently

When it comes time to maintenance your natural gas valves, be sure to do it correctly. This will ensure you are being efficient with your products and your time. You should top off valves with lubricant each time you cycle or operate them. Many companies fail to perform this step. For safety reasons, there are laws in place that unused valves must still undergo proper maintenance. Lubricants can dry out when the valve goes extended periods without use. This is most commonly seen with clay-based lubricants. When valves are operational again, there can be debris that builds around critical valve seals. This debris can cause small scratches or imperfections in the sealing surfaces, leading to small leaks through the seals. Sealweld offers products that fill these scratches and imperfections. These products can maintain a full seal and prevent gas from leaking through these areas.

Using Sealweld Sealants to Repair Damaged Valve Seals

You may come across a valve that has moderate or even severe damage to the valve seals than normal. This may make you think you need to replace the valve entirely. With Sealweld’s wide variety of high-quality sealants, this is not the case. Sealweld offers products that can ensure a complete seal for a valve that may need sealed to perform downstream maintenance. After valve maintenance is complete, use Sealweld Valve Cleaner Plus to clean and flush the valve body cavity. Be sure to complete this before refilling the valve with a lubricant or lubricant-sealant such as Equal-Lube Eighty or Summit #7030.

If you are unsure of what products to use, do not fret. Mid-Atlantic Inc. is knowledgeable about the products we sell. We are always available by phone to answer any questions about Sealweld products or valve maintenance procedures.

Learn Proper Valve Maintenance From Mid-Atlantic Inc.

Mid-Atlantic Inc. provides quality natural gas valve maintenance products to many states. These include Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Western New York, Eastern Kentucky, Maryland, and parts of Michigan. We pride ourselves on our high-standard customer service and being there for our customers in the natural gas industry. Along with our wide variety of Sealweld lubricants and sealants, we carry a selection of other essential products as well. Whether you are looking for Handley products, IMAC products and services, or other products in the industry, we can help. We also provide a wide range of services, including valve maintenance training, emergency valve sealing, consultations, and more. When you need help in the natural gas industry, turn to Mid-Atlantic Inc.

Learning about valve maintenance? Give Mid-Atlantic Inc. a call at (740) 220-5415 today. We can answer any questions you may have. Speak with our team today to learn more about the importance of natural gas valve maintenance.