Using the Correct Valve Lubricant or Sealant

Proper Valve Lubricants and Sealants Satisfy Different Needs

Using the correct valve lubricant or sealant is essential to proper natural gas valve functioning. With so many products on the market, knowing if you’re using the correct one can be challenging. Are you not sure about what product you’re using? Don’t worry; Mid-Atlantic Inc is here to help.

This month our team of professionals will discuss using the correct value lubricant or sealant. First, we will explain the primary purpose of both products. Finally, we discuss the importance of using the correct valve lubricant or sealant. At Mid-Atlantic Inc, we are proud to educate our Scottdale, PA, clients on using the correct valve lubricant or sealant.

Understand the Main Purpose of Valve Lubricants and Sealants

Before choosing the correct product, it’s essential to understand what each one provides. We’ll talk later about the importance of using the right product, but for now, here’s the main purpose of lubricants and sealants:


The primary purpose of this product is to reduce wear and heat between surfaces in relative motion. Lubricants can also reduce oxidation, prevent rust, and provide installation.


This product combines base oils, thickeners, and additives. It also forms a flexible renewable seal around the valve port to reduce chemical attacks.

Gone are the days when a few drops of 30-weight motor oil would keep valves functioning. Valve lubricants and sealing are vital today for effective valve functioning. It’s also important to know the situations in which to use these products. 

Learn The Importance of Lubrication in Natural Gas Valves

In our previous blog about The Importance of Gas Valve Maintenance, we mention the importance of performing valve maintenance correctly. Proper lubrication is a significant part of maintaining valves. Failing to use lubricants may lead to decreased performance and possible breakdown of the whole system. Lubricants have various components that make them suitable for specific valve types.

Safety is also important when lubricating natural gas valves. Be sure to rotate the valve so that the lubricant can get into the cavity. Machinery Lubrication tells us about the safety risks associated with valve lubrication. If your valves are outside in an open space, you may also need to protect them from temperature changes with insulation.

Sealants Play a Significant Role in the Functionality of Natural Gas Valves

When performing gas valve maintenance, sealants can also help your valves function correctly. Sealants offer a strong film that can secure any leaking valves. By sealing it up, gas can flow through the valve. Even under consistent pressure, high-quality sealants can keep the valves working correctly.

The sealant film works to form a seal between the valve surfaces. The adhesive is composed by transmitting through passageways around the valve port. With proper sealant selection, you can retain the seal over a wide temperature range and pressure. If you still aren’t sure if a sealant is the right product for you, consult one of our friendly staff members. Quality customer service drives our team to be at its best daily. We take great pride in serving our valued customers in the best way possible. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you find the right product for you.

If You Lack Experience, Enlist the Help of a Trusted Company

Using sealants and lubricants for the first time can be challenging, especially if it’s an emergency. If you have recently encountered a leaking valve or other issues in Scottdale, PA, you need an experienced company’s assistance. You need to speak to a group of professionals with the proper tools, skills, products, and experience.

As with any other emergency, you also need prompt customer service. Mid-Atlantic Inc takes great pride in helping customers in Scottdale, PA, with emergency situations. Please do not wait until it gets worse; give our staff a call for prompt and professional emergency services.

Contact Mid-Atlantic Inc for Emergency Sealing Services

Mid-Atlantic Inc provides emergency services to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Western New York, Eastern Kentucky, Maryland, and parts of Michigan. Our team of passionate professionals’ prides itself on quality customer service for Scottdale, PA. We only use the best products from Sealweld. These products allow us to quickly inject cleaner while the valve is under pressure.

Along with Emergency services, we also provide injection equipment, fittings, and replacement parts, or other products at Mid-Atlantic Inc in Scottdale, PA. Since our inception, we have earned a solid reputation amongst our Scottdale, PA, clients for all of our services. If you need natural gas industry products and services in Scottdale, PA, come to Mid-Atlantic Inc.


Learn more about using the correct valve lubricant or sealant for the application by calling Mid-Atlantic Inc at (740) 220-5415. Our team is here to answer any questions you have and help you find the right products for you. Enlist the advice of Mid-Atlantic Inc in Scottdale, PA, when using the correct valve lubricant or sealant for the application.